African Art: Aesthetics and Meaning
An Electronic Exhibition Catalog at Bayly Art Museum.

African Pottery Forming - Virtual Slide Show
The process of pottery manufacture in Africa from the mining and preparation of the clay to the post-firing decoration.

Africa: the Art of a Continent
Introduction to African art at Guggenheim Museum.

Africa Reparations Movement
Working to ensure that the truth of what happened to people of African origin is exposed and that reparations are made to African people. Bringing home African art, for instance.

African Arts magazine
Quarterly journal (ISSN 0001-9933) in its 28th year, published quarterly in English by the University of California, Los Angeles in Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn.

African Brazilian Connection
Their aim is to preserve and propagate Afro Brazilian culture, incentivating its artists and people

African Face Masks - B&W
A collection of African face mask clip art downloaded from the Wisconsin African Studies BBS.

African masks for sale
- and an African art gallery with over 200 African artifacts.

African Odyssey - Kennnedy Center for the Performing Arts
Upcoming performances, ticket sale and exchange of ideas, information, and resources between artists, teachers, and students of African arts and culture

Afrique en Créations
A pour mission de favoriser la vitalité artistique contemporaine en Afrique, et d'ouvrir ses créations à un large public. Calendar of african performances in the world. Guide to Theater in Africa and the Indian Ocean. Articles from Afrique en Scènes.

An African Exhibiton/Une exposition africaine
Traditional pottery from Mali. By Mission archéologique et ethnoarchéologique suisse en Afrique de l'Ouest.

Angolan Art Gallery - Embassy of Angola, Washington, D.C.

Ancient Art: Egypt
Art works demonstrating the basic principles of Egyptian sculpture in its symbolic formality.

Architecture of Islam
Egypt, Egypt to Jordan, Jordan to Morocco, Morocco to Spain, Spain to Syria, Syria. Requires payment.

Architecture & Architectural Sculpture of the Mediterranean Basin
A large collection of research images of architecture and architectural sculpture in the Mediterranean Basin.

Art and Life in Africa - University of Iowa
Contains information about African art and culture. All of the material on this site has been adapted from similar material developed for the Art and Life in Africa CD-ROM being produced at The University of Iowa. Links to further resources.

Art Zimbabwe
An arts organization based in the USA and dedicated to the promotion and exhibition of contemporary art from the country of Zimbabwe

Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals
A comprehensive listing of journal articles on architectural design, the history and practice of architecture, landscape architecture, historic preservation, interior design, and city planning. The database contains nearly 133,000 records for periodical literature indexed between 1977 and 1994, published by G. K. Hall as Avery Index on Disc.

Ancient Nubia
Oriental Institute Museum. Vanished kingdoms of the Nile, the rediscovery of Ancient Nubia.

Baobab Project - Harvard University
Founded in 1994, the Baobab Project was established to make African visual culture available to a broader audience, as well as to create a research tool which can be used by scholars and students alike.

Bedu Masquerade
BEDU is a plankmask which is used throughout the Bondoukou region of Côte d'Ivoire,West Africa. Although it resembles other plankmasks from Burkina Faso, Mali or northern Ghana, Bedu is a unique, regional creation.

Caruso, Joseph, Art of Kuba Weaving
"The Art of Kuba Weaving: Suggested Reading". Compiled by Dr. Joseph S. Caruso
African Studies Librarian, Columbia University

Cornell Univeristy, Contemporary African Art Exhibit
Exhibition held as part of CREATIVE IMPULSES/MODERN EXPRESSIONS: AFRICAN ARTS TODAY, a Festival of Contemporary African Arts at Cornell University.

Detroit Institute of Arts
Comprehensive award winning web gallery, large Africa section.

Egypt and Art (Richard Deurer)
Paintings and photos.

Emory University, African Art
Permanent exhibition of Sub-Saharan art.

Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
Includes an African art collection.

Gauteng Curios
Supplier of high quality Shona sculptures.

Getty Research Institute
One of six independent entities of the J. Paul Getty Trust. "Promotes innovative scholarship in the arts and the humanities, cross traditional academic boundaries, and provide an environment for research, critical inquiry, and debate".

G. I. Jones Photographic Archive of Southeastern Nigerian Art and Culture
An archive of digitized photographs depicting the arts and cultures of southeastern Nigeria.

A discussion forum, web site for those interested in the study of African expressive culture. A collaboration between the H-Net: Humanities-on-Line network and the Arts Council of the African Studies Association (ACASA).
To subscribe, send an e-mail message to:
(with no subject line) and only this text:
sub h-afrarts firstname lastname, institution

African art and fashion for sale. Drums, carvings, clothing etc.

In/sight:African Photographers, 1940 to the Present
African Photographers, 1940 to the Present, an exhibiton at Guggenheim Museum.

Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology
The Institute of Egyptian Art & Archaeology, founded in 1984, is a component of the Department of Art of The University of Memphis, in Memphis, Tennessee (USA),

International Council of Museums, ICOm/CIDOC
CIDOC is the international focus for the documentation interests of museums and related organisations. It has over 750 members in 60 countries.

Galerie d'art du metissacana des artistes et créateurs africains. Gallery of African art. French.

Mozambican Artists - 3a Exposicao de Pintura da Casa de Mocambique
Gallery of Mozambican artists; Garizo, Zé Júlio, Lara, Lívio, Malangatana, Chichorro, Shikhany and Rosa d'Oliveira. In Portugese

Musee national des Arts d'Afrique et d'Oceanie (Paris)
Art work from 18 African countries.

Marrakesh Express
On-line Moroccan rug and pillow gallery and shop

"Nok Museum of African Arts"
An internet based museum dedicated to the study, preservation and exhibition of all forms of African arts and its derivatives.

Orientation: Africa
Has an African art channel.

Olu Oguibe Art History Class: African Art
Introduction to AFRICAN ART by Dr. Olu Oguibe, University of South Florida

Revue Noire, African Contemporary Art
Art magazine. Each issue is focused on artistic or geographic theme- and shows a choice of about twenty unpublished texts by writers, artists and photographers as well as a presentation of the principal actors of cultural life. All issues are bilingual English-French.

Royal Museum for Central Africa
Belgian museum. In Dutch and French.

Smithsonian National Museum of African Art
Exhibitions, museum resources and educational programs. In Washington DC, USA.

Sokari Douglas Camp (Nigeria)
Home page of the Nigerian artist.

SA National Gallery of Art
Situated in Cape Town. A museum concerned with the visual arts. Activities include collecting, curatorship (documentation and conservation) and communication through exhibition, education, research and publication.

Southern University at New Orleans (SUNO) - African Art Project
A catalog of the African art collections held by the Center for African & African American Studies at SUNO. Mostly congo-zairean art.

Tamarin - Art and Africa On Line
Part of a private initiative to help discover one of the many fascinating faces of the African continent . Exhibits include paintings, sculptures and photographs which have a common denominator: Africa and its surroundings.

Tribal Arts
Online version of the traditional art magazine.

University of Virginia, Bayly Art Museum, African Art Exhibit
Electronic Exhibition Catalog

UPenn: African Gallery
African Gallery @ the University of Pennsylvania Museum
of Archaeology and Anthropology.

Witcombe, Chris - Gateway to Art History
Introduction to he Art of Indian Asia, China and Korea, Japan, the Americas, Oceania and Africa

Yoruba and Akan Art in Wood and Metal: The Doorway
Exhibition of Yoruba and Akan art.
Zimbabwean Stone Sculpture
In the arly sixties a dynamic new art movement started in Zimbabwe.This art form - also known as Shona Sculpture - quickly gained international acclaim. Photos and suggested reading.

Sukuma Museum of Tanzania
A community based organization that promotes and celebrates the traditional and contemporary arts of the Sukuma culture.

Universes in Universe
Has an Africa art section, with history, exhibitions, museums, institutions. Located in Berlin.

World Art Treasures
A guided tour to world art treasures by Fondation Jacques-Edouard Berger.

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