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Cape Verde

ADDS Cape Verde
Africa Data Dissemination Service's entry on Cape Verde. Contains map.

Africa Scans: Cape Verde
Links to other resources and map.

Cape Verde (CIA)
CIAs World Factbook's 1995 entry for Cape Verde. Map and facts and indicators on geography, population, economy, politics etc.

Cape Verde Page (UPenn)
Cape Verde map and pointers to other resources.

Cape Verde connection
"Welcome to the page for everyone who is from or has been to Cape Verde. I will try to keep a list of updated links and several pictures from Cape Verde in this page."

Cape Verde at
Contains information on geography, economy, people, military etc. and access to the alternative press forum.

City.Net Cape Verde
Contains links to different sources on Cape Verde. Connected to the search engine Excite.

Elections around the world
Election facts by Wilfred Derksen.

Facts and Figures Cape Verde
Location, landscape and lifescape of Cape Verde.

Microstate network: Cape Verde
Different reports on Cape Verde.

Military Expenditure Cape Verde

Página de Apresentação de Cabo Verde
The unofficial Cape Verde homepage in Portuguese.

Cape Verde Unofficial Home Page
...and English.

Parliamentary elections in Cape Verde
Statistics on the latest elections in Cape Verde.

Peace Corps Cape Verde page
A reference list of books, reports and magazines about Cape Verde.

PortugalNet Cape Verde
Portuguese pages with links and chatroom.

UNCJIN Cape Verde
Contains links to other resources on Cape Verde.

Volcanos: Cape Verde region
Info on volcanic activities in the Cape Verde region.

World Rulers and leaders: Cape Verde
Map, rulers and leaders and short history.

INFOHUB Cape Verde Page
Contains some links.



Cape Verde Islands ­ Music
A listing of Cape Verdean music and artists.

Cape Verdean Music
Served by the University of Massachusetts.

Cesaria Evora page
"Cesaria Evora, born in 1941 in the port town of Mindelo on the Cape Verde island of Sao Vicente, is known as the barefoot diva because of her propensity to appear on stage in her bare feet in support of the disadvantaged women and children of her country."

Ethnologue Database
The Ethnologue is a catalogue of more than 6,700 languages spoken in 228 countries. The Ethnologue Name Index lists over 39,000 language names, dialect names, and alternate names. The Ethnologue Language Family Index organizes languages according to language families.

Philately Cape Verde
Stamps from Cape Verde.

The Cape Verde Cultural Center



Cape Verde oil profile
Information on the oil-industry in Cape Verde provided by Mbendi.



Cabo Verde Local de Convivio
Chat room about Cape Verde in Portuguese.


Hotels and travel Cape Verde

Travel Net Cape Verde
Commerciel travel service with much information on Cape Verde.

Travel 2000 Cape Verde
Travel information and large map.