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General African cooking links, and recipes by country.

http:// Cookbook
Menus & recipes from Africa by Bea Sandler, noted restaurant consultant. By country and by dish.

African Curry Stew"It is somewhat sweet (due to the fruit) and gets rave reviews from all who taste it! The amounts are "guestimates" so you will have to find the exact blend by taste and consistency. Enjoy!! "

Africa News Cookbook
http://face="Arial">Nearly 200 African culinary masterpieces are made easy in The Africa News Cookbook.

African cookbooks at Ira Krakows Cookbook BookstoreArabist Recepies
Thhttp:// Cuisine. Egyptian, Morrocan recipes.

Black History Month - Taste of the Season
http://accomplishments of African-Americans are legendary. The skills of slave cooks provided a dash of soul to foods and menus"

African cookbooks.

Dorinda's Taste of the Caribbean - African-Influenced Recipes from the...
http://"2" face="Arial">Book for sale at Amazon.com. The Caribbean is a rich culinary melting pot, where influences from Europe, East Asia, and especially Africa meet a stunning array of native produce and seafood.
Recipes for Ingera, http://font>.
Epicurious Eating Recipe File
Search 15 different cuisines for over 7.http:// African dishes.
Gastronomia Moçambicana
A few Mosambican recipes in portugese.

Ghanaian Dishes
"The West African housewife does not ordinarily use a cookbook, and until recently it was considered disgraceful for a young whttp://her kitchen."

Holiday Survival Guide -- Kwanzaa menu
Recipes. Kwanzaa -- Kiswahili for "first fruits of the harvest" -- is a seven-day festival celebrating African-Americhttp:///p>

HARAMBEE! - Cuisine
Here you will find recipes and information on food from the countries of Africa as well as Brazil, the Carribean

IFC Cooking
"In the United States, African American cooking has long influenced the development of unique regional cuisines and has been a unifying factor in the creation of a uniquely American culinaryhttp://

RECIPE CORNER-  Mid E, N Afr, Medit
One recipe for falafal.

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